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Lauth is owned, mandated, and operated by JRX INTERNET LTDA., a limited liability company registered under CNPJ No. 25,075,442/0001-28, headquartered at Av. Paulista, No. 1636, Room 1504, Bela Vista, ZIP Code 01310-200 in São Paulo/SP ("JRX"). Through these Terms of Use, it governs the rules and general conditions for the use of the services offered by Lauth, as follows.


a) This document aims to inform the responsibilities, duties, and obligations established between Lauth and its Clients;

b) The company JRX constantly seeks to improve its services and, consequently, improve Lauth. Therefore, we reserve the right to make changes to Lauth and the Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice to the Client. At our sole discretion, we may inform about the changes directly on the website through a notice to all users or via email. It is the Client's responsibility to check from time to time for any changes to Lauth.

c) By accessing the platform and electronically accepting this document, the Client declares to have read and accepted freely, informed, and unequivocally, without reservations, all clauses and conditions, as well as all security standards referred to in this instrument and in the Privacy Policy of Lauth;

d) If the Client does not agree with the clauses provided here, it is not possible to use the services provided by Lauth;

e) In case of doubts, contact Lauth through the support channels, as provided on our website.


a) Lauth is a browser software for computers (Windows and Mac OS) that has unique privacy features and fingerprints for each new profile created on the platform. Ensuring that the user has a secure and streamlined experience to use tools that require these features.


a) The services offered by Lauth to the Client include providing features for secure and private browsing.

b) The services provided by Lauth are exclusively provided over the internet, which can be found and contracted upon the Client's order through the software that can be downloaded exclusively through the website:


a) For a complete experience, the user must subscribe to one of the available plans when creating an account on Lauth.

b) Lauth offers 3 (three) monthly plans with the following values:

Premium Plan: R$ 297.00 (two hundred and ninety-seven reais and zero cents) per month, with a limit of 50 (fifty) profiles and instances.

Premium Plus Plan: R$ 567.00 (five hundred and sixty-seven reais and zero cents) per month, with a limit of 300 (three hundred) profiles and instances, plus sharing features, team use, and data export between Lauth accounts.

Max Plan: R$ 1,067.00 (one thousand and sixty-seven reais and zero cents) per month, with a limit of 1,000 (one thousand) profiles and instances, plus sharing features, team use, and data export between Lauth accounts.

e) The annual plan will give the Client access to the basic functionalities of the Platform for a Contracting Period of 12 (twelve) months, counted from the date of subscription, through a single payment, at the following values:

Premium Plan: R$ 2,364.00 (two thousand three hundred and sixty-four reais and zero cents), with a limit of 50 (fifty) profiles and instances.

Premium Plus Plan: R$ 4,764.00 (four thousand seven hundred and sixty-four reais and zero cents), with a limit of 300 (three hundred) profiles and instances, plus sharing features, team use, and data export between Lauth accounts.

Max Plan: R$ 9,204.00 (nine thousand two hundred and four reais and zero cents), with a limit of 1,000 (one thousand) profiles and instances, plus sharing features, team use, and data export between Lauth accounts.

f) Custom plans based on unique needs will have their features, limitations, and values negotiated separately with the Client and can be requested through Lauth support.

g) Free plans offered by Lauth are subject to changes in terms of available features at any time. These changes may occur for operational, technological, or legal reasons and will be communicated in advance to the Client whenever possible.

i) In plans with limitations on profiles or features, the user will receive a warning message and can upgrade the plan when deemed necessary.

ii) The use of the application does not have fidelity or terms that require use. After acquiring the service, we provide full support for the platform.

iii) The plan is a monthly subscription. Automatic charges will be made to the Client's credit card (identified on the credit card statement as "IUGU*Lauth"), or automatic boletos that can be accessed in the application. It is the Client's responsibility to cancel the subscription to avoid new charges, preventing the refund of automatic charges.

iv) The plan offered by Lauth is linked to a single account. It is not possible to transfer the mentioned item to another user, whether or not they are the same owner.


a) The Client undertakes to always provide true and complete information, as well as authentic and verifiable documents, as requested by Lauth.

b) The purchase and acquisition of profiles for use in advertising platforms are the sole responsibility of the Client. Lauth will only provide a secure environment.

c) The Client is responsible for all content placed on the platform, including but not limited to third-party copyright, inserted documents, whether photos, videos, or texts.

d) The purchase and use of tools such as proxies, IP, or the use of mobile connection (4G) that complete the experience for safer navigation on Lauth are the responsibility of the Client. Recommendations are made, but it is up to the Client to decide how to use them. Lauth is not responsible for account adjustments.

e) At the time of registration, the Client shall prove to have legal capacity, in accordance with Brazilian legislation, declaring themselves fully capable of consenting to the terms, conditions, obligations, and statements hereby made.


a) For the provision and for a complete experience of the services mentioned here, Lauth must work in parallel with connection camouflage services such as proxies, mobile proxies, 4G, and/or others.

b) Lauth is responsible for providing technical support to the Client in case of doubts, which can be done directly by the team exclusively through the chat available on the website.

c) In no way do we guarantee that the advertisement

profiles used on the platform will never receive warnings or blocks. Lauth has an extensive range of security features and techniques to ensure that each profile behaves like a new device. Other factors such as titles, images, domains, may trigger partial or total blocks of the advertising account.

d) Lauth may present anomalies, failures, bugs, or technical errors, and its use is entirely the responsibility of the Client.

e) Only access information or information related to the software is saved. Personal data, data from the profiles used, passwords, or Client's browsing history are not stored.

f) Lauth reserves the right to block and cancel the Client's registration at any time if there is suspicion of illicit, immoral, or bad faith practices, or if the Client is not in compliance with these Terms of Use.

g) With the express consent of the Client, at the time of registration on Lauth, it will be authorized to send institutional, technical, commercial, promotional, and/or informative messages to the Client's email address.


a) The Client must register the advertising accounts on each profile on the Lauth platform; and use an individual proxy for them or in the way the Client prefers to manage their contingency.

b) The creation of multiple accounts per person, device, or IP address is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in restrictions or blocking of all accounts associated with the same individual, device, or IP address without prior notice. This term complies with paragraph 6 (six), article f) of the usage guidelines.

c) Lauth offers the possibility of using only one account per computer. In this sense, the use of multiple accounts simultaneously is not allowed.

d) It is not recommended to use an Lauth account on more than one device simultaneously, risking synchronization data failures if continued use is insisted upon.


a) Lauth does not guarantee the availability, infallibility, and continuity of the application or website's operation, in whole or in part. While committing to make its best efforts to ensure security and privacy on Lauth, considering the characteristics of the Internet medium, we do not guarantee that access to Lauth will be uninterrupted, free of viruses or other problems, errors, and attacks, and, in particular, do not guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot access and eventually intercept, eliminate, alter, modify, or manipulate in any way Lauth or any part of it, including any information or content posted through it.

b) Lauth cannot be held responsible for periods of interruptions due to maintenance events, failures in the provision of services by telephone companies, conditioned access, or other telecommunications companies and access providers that make accessibility to the application unfeasible, fortuitous cases – also understood here, third-party interventions (e.g., hacker attacks, crackers, etc.), and force majeure.


a) Payment made by the Client through credit card, bank slip, and PIX is made through the company IUGU INSTITUIÇÃO DE PAGAMENTO S.A. A company specialized in online billing with security. By making a payment within Lauth, you also agree to the terms and conditions of IUGU.


The parties choose the Forum of the District of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, as competent to settle any disputes arising from this contract, to the exclusion of any other, no matter how privileged it may be.

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