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Lauth Referral Program: Terms of Use

This document establishes the rules and guidelines for the Lauth Referral Program, offered by Lauth. By participating in the Program, affiliates and users agree to comply with all the rules and conditions set forth herein.

1. Participants of the Referral Program:

a. Anyone can participate in the Lauth Referral Program, provided they are a Lauth user, have a subscription for at least 7 days, and are linked to IUGU.

b. The Referral Program participant confirms their familiarity with the Program's rules, unconditionally accepts its terms, and guarantees to comply with them throughout the duration of the Referral Program.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Referral Program Organizer:

a. Lauth has the right to make adjustments to the rules and conditions of the Referral Program at any time.

b. Commission on referrals will be 10% on subscriptions generated through affiliate invitations.

c. An administration fee of 5% is deducted from the payment amount. It concerns fees passed on to the company responsible for processing payments.

d. Commissions become available for use 30 days after a new subscription is made through an invitation.

e. Commissions have a validity period of 180 days from the generation date.

f. Lauth will provide transparent metrics and data of each user to the affiliate.

g. Will provide support to resolve any divergences or instabilities that may arise.

i. It holds full ownership of the Lauth brand, without assigning any responsibility or bond to users who use the referral link.
ii. It undertakes to protect data in accordance with all LGPD data protection norms and laws.

3. Referral Program Rules:

a. The owner of the referral link sends the referral link or discount coupon to friends, acquaintances, or groups that are not previously registered with Lauth.
i. Conversions made by users who already have or had accounts will not be counted.
b. For each activated referral, the Referral Holder will receive a commission of 10% on the amounts invested by the referred referral.

c. Commissions are granted recurrently while the referred subscription is active and uninterrupted.

d. Commissions are credited to the affiliate's account and are visible with details in the "Refer and Earn" section on the Lauth settings screen.

e. Currently, commissions can be used as a form of discount or exemption from the subscription.
i. The request for a discount on a future subscription must be made 5 to 10 business days before the subscription renewal date.

f. When requesting the closure of your Lauth account voluntarily or due to suspicious behavior, the right to withdraw the available balance is not granted.
i. Lauth reserves the balance for a period of 180 days, in case the account is reactivated within this period using the same email and registration data. You can use this balance to offset future installments.

g. The request for the balance in the form of withdrawal will be available in the future only for users with a Corporate (CNPJ) account and subscription following the same deadline standards.
i. For now, it is only possible to offset the amounts as discounts on installments as described.

h. Any inconsistency in your account or affiliate link must be reported immediately to our support (

Prohibited Methods of Using the Referral Program:

a. Use of SPAM using the referral link or code of the Referral Program.

b. Creation of offers, promotions, or fraudulent communications using the name of Lauth, or third-party data without consent.

c. Improper use of Lauth domain names in promotional materials.

d. In your promotional material, do not use the terms "OFFICIAL", "OFFICIAL PARTNER", "AUTHORIZED PARTNER" or any similar variants.

e. Misleading advertising or that violates the terms of use of advertising or ad platforms.

f. Conducting promotions that violate ethical standards and parameters established in this Terms of Use.

g. Defaming or damaging the reputation of the Lauth brand or its official partners.

h. Sharing derogatory content will result in banning.

Suspicious Conducts and PERMANENT Banning from the Program:

a. Lauth reserves the right to block and cancel the Customer's registration at any time, if there is suspicion of illicit, immoral, or bad-faith practices, or if the Customer is not in compliance with these Terms of Use of the program, or with the platform's general terms.

Final Provisions:
a. Lauth reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the referral program.

b. All users participating in the Lauth referral program automatically agree to the terms of use of our software, as detailed on our official website.

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Updated on: 02/22/2024

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