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Troubleshooting a restricted account

Our team monitors and investigates user behavior on our platform. In doing so, we prevent users or third parties from being harmed in any way. We may apply restrictions to accounts that:

Do not comply with our Terms of Use or Privacy Policies;

We suspect are compromised, for example, by using false or inauthentic data;

Do not meet account security requirements.

These restrictions suspend the possibility of accessing the account or creating a new subscription. This becomes permanent if the user does not comply with the ways to appeal the restriction or insists on attempting to circumvent the steps.

It is possible to appeal this decision for a new review by submitting the following data and information within 3 business days:

Email related to the subscription;

Full name, Driver's License from your country, and address identical to the card statement;

A photo of an ID with a photo of the cardholder (Driver's License or ID);

A photo of the cardholder holding their ID with a photo (Driver's License, ID – the data must be legible);

A screenshot or photo of your invoice with the Lauth charge (Asaas*JRX).

These details are necessary to maintain the integrity of the information added to the subscription. These steps do not guarantee the reactivation of the account but allow for a reanalysis.

If the data is in compliance and proves to be authentic, the account can be reinstated.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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