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Connecting Through 4G

The use of 4G connection is becoming increasingly popular, and its usage has become frequent. Many traffic managers have migrated to this type of connection, including many of our users.

If you want to know more details about how 4G proxies work, access our article that specifically addresses this, just click here. ⭐️

Well, regarding this, there's not much secret. During the process of creating a new profile, simply skip the step that requests the proxy, as suggested in the image below:


After that, remember to connect to 4G before starting any profile and preferably even Lauth.

When starting a new profile, you can check if the IP change was effective through sites like Meu IP.

There are different strategies for using 4G. The most used among users is to restart 4G with each profile change, and for this reason, we provide the "Pause Profile" option.

The paused profile will have its tabs closed (which can be restored) and its connection interrupted. This feature helps during the use of camouflage through 4G connection, allowing you to switch between profiles, avoiding 4G IP crossover during handling.

Pause Profile

The most used process is as follows:

Connect to 4G

Access Lauth

Access a profile

To switch between profiles:

Pause the profile that was in use or close all tabs

Restart 4G

Connect to a new profile

As you can see, some steps are necessary for more suitable use. If you prioritize saving time, perhaps the ideal is to use the proxy, which does not require any of these processes. 😉

Updated on: 15/06/2023

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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