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Will I have issues using 4G connection?

Getting straight to the point, the answer is no. The use of 4G connection is becoming increasingly popular, and its usage proves to be very positive, both in terms of profile shielding and its cost-effectiveness, which tends to be more appealing.

What are 4G proxies, and how do they work for my management?

A mobile proxy or 4G is simply an IP address leased to a cellular carrier, such as Vivo, Tim, Oi, Claro.

Server proxies (not recommended for most cases) or residential proxies are usually unique and used by only one person at a time. Mobile 4G proxies work differently. Mobile service providers use only a few thousand IP addresses to serve all their users.

Since many people are connected to the same IP simultaneously, websites cannot block these addresses, even if suspicious activity is detected on one of the addresses. Otherwise, they would harm a user base of hundreds or thousands of real users.

Therefore, 4G is a very positive solution for people managing multiple accounts. By blending in among thousands of other sites with the mobile proxy, you camouflage yourself among thousands of users, naturally reducing the chances of your accounts being flagged.

How to connect to Lauth through 4G?

Some recommended steps for using mobile proxies are covered in an article that specifically addresses this, and you can follow it by clicking here. 😉

Updated on: 08/06/2023

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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