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iProxy Synchronization Failure Error

Several factors may lead to the message "Synchronization Failure" when using iProxy. In this article, you should find some possible scenarios, their motivations, and how to solve them.

If the presented message occurs when you requested the IP change (putting the phone in airplane mode remotely via webhook), the cause of the problem is likely the lack of root access on your Android device. iProxy's feature works only with an unlocked phone.

If you prefer not to root your device, you can use an application like MacroDroid alongside iProxy to perform this task. Click here to understand how to configure it and integrate it with Lauth.

In this scenario, the possibilities are broader, ranging from compatibility with your device to settings that can be adjusted on the Android system for better compatibility. Some suggestions:

Are all the data correct?

Check the proxy connection data. Any error or extra character will hinder communication between iProxy and Lauth.

Adjust the default Android assistant

To set iProxy (with root) or MacroDroid (without root) as the default assistant, follow the 'step 2' of this article.

Contact iProxy support to get more details about malfunctions.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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