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How to Buy a Proxy and How to Choose?

A proxy can be defined as the intermediary between the server and the user. In other words, the resource has the function of connecting the computer to the local internet network. In the context of managing your contingency, the proxy is configured by Lauth to mask your IP address. Thus, when a website requests this information, what will be shown to it is the proxy number.

The stability of proxy addresses depends a lot on the quality provided by their suppliers. But most users use suppliers such as the Brazilian Contingência Social or ProxyAds (which may be more interesting due to support) or Russians like ASocks or Israelis, Iluminatti. Options like Rayobyte and Proxy/6 work but may present instabilities.

Which proxy should I hire?

What we recommend is to look for a reliable supplier and use only residential, dedicated, and Brazilian proxies (if you operate with national profiles). These are some of the main filters and characteristics of a proxy suitable for contingency use.

Which proxy should I not use?

More appropriate than indicating a specific supplier is to warn about characteristics that make a proxy of poor quality. The main one is when a proxy has server origins, whether shared, and especially free.

Normally, these proxies differ from residential ones and are often already marked by sites like Facebook and Google, leading to immediate blocking of your access when detected.

Should I use a proxy for each profile?

Definitely what we recommend. To ensure that profiles do not share any data between them, it is ideal for each one to have its proxy address separately.

If I use a 4G connection, do I need a proxy?

No, 4G already plays the role of hiding your home network and has characteristics that make it more secure. In this case, one function replaces the other. Choose only one of the methods.

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