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How to Add My First Profile?

Once you create your first account, you will be directed to the option to create your first profile in Lauth. The steps are straightforward to help you get started with the browser.

To begin, click the "+ Add My First Profile " button or "+ Add Profile" available at the end of the sidebar that accommodates the profiles.

After that, simply follow the steps and fill in the form data as needed.

Profile Information

In this step, you will fill in the data as you prefer for your organization or team. The profile name, photo, icon, and colors will be used for visual purposes on the platform. The main use platform defines the default home page for this profile.

Network Connection

It is necessary to define the network settings, which may vary if you use different methods. You can find more details about the most commonly used methods in the articles below:

How to Connect via 4G?
How to Add a Proxy to Lauth?

Data and Parameters

You can choose whether you want Lauth to create and set device information randomly or set it manually. At this stage, the suggestion is to use the same operating system as your real machine.

Import Cookies

If you have cookies provided from another browser or sent by your provider, you can use them to access the profile without needing a username and password. Just copy and paste the code into the field, or drag the .netscape or .json file onto the screen. This is an optional step.

import cookies

After that, simply finish and start using the profile. 😎

Updated on: 15/06/2023

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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