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How to Install Lauth on Windows

The installation process on Windows devices is extremely simple. But if you have any doubts during any step of the process, follow the step-by-step guide below:

Video Tutorial


After downloading Lauth directly from our website, simply run the installation file (Lauth-Setup.exe).

Some devices start the installation directly, but probably your operating system will ask for your permission to proceed with the Lauth installation.

To do this, click on the "More Info" button and then "Run Anyway" to start the installation process.

Note: Proceed only if you identify "JRX INTERNET LTDA" as the provider. This means you are downloading a certified file.

The installation is entirely automatic and simplified. After completion, you should notice the Lauth icon on your desktop. Just start it to begin using it.

We hope you have an excellent experience here! 💙

Updated on: 13/09/2023

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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