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How to Migrate My Profile from Another Browser via Cookies?

For users who dislike logging into their profiles frequently, a good solution is to authenticate access through cookies. This should avoid checkpoints due to the identification of a new connected device.

To save cookies from a Chrome-based browser, for example, you can use an extension called EditThisCookies or Get cookie.txt. (click on the name to download).

Recommended extensions for Google Chrome: EditThisCookies or Get cookie.txt

Recommended extensions for Firefox: Export Cookies and Cookie-Editor

Video Tutorial:


Access the Facebook website and log into your account. Then click on the extension to export the cookies for this profile. Simply click on the export button. The cookies will be copied to the keyboard clipboard (ctrl+c).

To paste the cookies, simply paste the code (or drag the file) into the "Import Cookies" section, available in one of the steps of creating a new profile or in the data editing section. Then click "Import cookies" to complete the process.

After saving the changes, the cookies will be linked to Lauth, and the profile will have its login authenticated on Lauth without the need for a new manual access. Just open the Facebook website.

If you are unable to access the profiles through the browser, use another method by clicking here.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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